About Us


Established in 1978, TND Elettronica takes its first steps designing and constructing electronic equipment for both Industry and University. Thanks to the know-how acquired in the field of software development for microcontrollers and PC’s, in the early 80’s TND supplies to the Indesit company the first computerized safety test equipment. Soon the company expands its capabilities to the field of applied mechanics: this – combined with its proven expertise in electronics and software development – opens new business perspectives and widens the company target market.

Today TND has gained a forefront position in both domestic and foreign markets and is considered a valid partner by all those customers that consider technological innovation as an indispensable tool boosting both product quality and company competitiveness.

Thanks to its increasing technological expertise, the company has acquired a remarkable aptitude to problem-solving that allows the company to operate in the most different fields of industrial automation, instrumentation and research. Nowadays industrial automation, measuring and testing equipment, process control and customized manufacturing machines represent TND core business.