FIFO/LIFO buffer conveyor for PCB handling

The FIFO/LIFO buffer is a stacking conveyorthat – if placed along a PCB production line(SMT or traditional type) – allows smartaccumulation of PCBs between twoproduction cells, reducing short-timeproduction stops normally occurring in anautomatic production line.
Buffer 3

The buffer can operate in 3 different modes:

ON LINE: The PCB accumulation function is enabled, thus the system determines if a PCB must be transferred, stacked or delivered according to the state of the subsequent production machine. ON LINE  (pass-through): The buffer runs normally, but the stacking and loading/ unloading functions are disabled. OFF LINE: in this operating mode the buffer does not interact with the production line and enables the manual commands for servicing operations.
The buffer is governed by an industrial PC with suitable management software that, besides control of the system mechanization, functions as an interface to external devices, such as barcode readers, X-ray testing systems, etc.

Thanks to its innovative PCB handling system, the buffer conveyor can easily adapt to any type of PCB with a drastic reduction of adjustment times. In fact, if equipped with the optional powered flank adjustment system, the buffer carries out all format change operations automatically without the intervention of the line operator.
The system is also provided with standard (SMEMA or Siemens) interface with the production line.
Thanks to its high flexibility, the FIFO/LIFO buffer conveyor can be customized in accordance to any specific demand of the Customer.