Portable datalogger model DLP05

The DLP05 is a portable 24-channel datalogger expressely designed for the railway industry, which can be connected to two-wire transmitters with 15 Vdc supply voltage and 4÷20 mA and other sensor types (PTC, TC, etc.).The DLP05 is specifically designed for the measurement of pneumatic pressure but, thanks to it great versatility, it can be easily configured for the acquisition and recording of other quantities.


The DLP05 consists of a standard rack case 4 units size 19” that can be powered either by the service sockets normally available on locomotives or, on request, by battery (optional). It contains both interfacing and acquisition hardware, thus it can be connected to transducers for measurement and recording directly on site. The DLP05 is equipped with service display visualizing acquisition data (operating state, start and stop time, nr. of acquired channels, elapsed time, etc.). In addition, the display shows the acquired values in real time by pressing the ACK button.


The DLP05 can be serially connected to a PC with dedicated software for the visualization, management and storage of on-site measures. The management software also allows the configuration of the acquisition channels (type of transducer and measurement quantity) and test settings (test duration, visualization colour of channels, n. of digits, channel enabling/disabling).