Cooling coil winding machine

The proposed system allows automatic manufacturing of freezer evaporating circuits – i.e. coiling of an aluminum tube around freezer casings with different size and features (rectangular/square shape – with/without compressor recess). The system is equipped with an innovative feeding and guiding device, ensuring a precise application of the aluminum tube and preserving both aesthetic and functional features of the manufactured casing.


In addition, the substitution of the traditional pneumatic arm with a controlled powered axis allows the use of very light panels for the assembling of winding jigs, thus drastically reducing the duration of downtimes for the change of the product range .


Its user-friendly interface makes it easier to adjust the operating parameters and also to carry out maintenance operations, as it allows checking the state of all machine devices in real time and commanding their functions manually.The machine architecture  is flexible and can be customized according to the Clients needs so that it can easily be introduced in existing production processes.