Automatic test equipment for clutch mechanisms

The equipment allows testing of clutch mechanisms by performing hysteresis loops of clutch springs and measuring the plate lift. The test cycles are:
  • HYSTERESIS 1: measurement of the hysteresis on bearing (bearing load)
  • HYSTERESIS 2: measurement of the hysteresis on plate
  • PL: measurement of the plate lift

Measurement can be carried out in either TEST or PRODUCT CERTIFICATION mode. In the first mode, the equipment measures some points defined by the user at the speed of 3 mm/s, whereas in the second mode the equipment runs the test sequence at the speed of 0,5 mm/sec, measures all points and draws the relevant curve in a x-y chart.


The equipment consists of a test bench equipped with a powered rotary table with 3 seats (one for each product type) with relevant locking system for the mounting of the testing pieces; besides the piece motion and actuating devices, the bench also contains the necessary control and measurement electronics.


The measurement system is composed of suitable position transducers and two load cells (lower and upper side), whereas the actuation of the clutch mechanisms is performed by two oleodynamic cylinders with precision transducer onboard. 
The available rotary table is equipped with suitable sensors to ensure the actual presence of the testing piece and its correct positioning below the test station.

The equipment is governed by a control cabinet comprising an industrial PC, the necessary management and acquisition software and a laser printer for the output of test reports and diagrams.