Test station for electrical safety tests

Conceived to be integrated in production lines, the CFF98/01 test station allows performing electric safety tests (absorption, leakage, short circuit, earth, dielectric strength and insulation) on finished products in compliance with accident prevention and product quality requirements provided by the European standards (EN 50335-1,CEI 61-50, VDE, EN 29000, ISO 9000).The equipment CFF98/01 is controlled by a rugged industrial PC intended for operation in heavy environmental conditions.


Its simple and efficacious user interface allows adjustment of test settings, controlling tests and processing statistics; in addition, the equipment can exchange data with other systems (PLC, Information systems, etc) and manage barcode readers, safety barriers, etc.At the end of each test sequence the machine also prints a certificate with the relevant test results and additional information such as date, batch no., etc. Subsequently, periodical checks on the equipment calibration may be carried out by TND Maintenance engineers or alternatively using a suitable calibration sample (supplied on demand).