Lab data acquisition system model DL2000

DL 2000 is a multipurpose data acquisition system for laboratory use designed to ensure a high reliability as to measurement accuracy and storage and management of measurement recordings.The system is composed of a remote data acquisition unit containing all necessary acquisition and control electronics, a supervising PC with user-friendly software for the management of the climatic chamber.


The two units communicate via RS232 or RS485 connection depending on the system configuration. In fact, the system can be structured either with a supervising PC for each acquisition unit, or with an only supervising PC for all acquisition units.
The acquired data are always saved on a disk-on-chip mounted on board of the acquisition unit, therefore ensuring the total recovery of data in case of accidental disconnection of the supervising PC.Using the control panel, the operator can easily set up the test parameters and in case remotely carry out the necessary adjustment of supply voltage, temperature or other measuring quantities inside the test area.
All measured quantities are displayed in both numeric and graphic formats.


By means of powerful utilities (customizable in accordance with the customers requirements) it is possible to carry out a wide range of operations, as well as save the results and generate the relevant diagrams along with the other quantities acquired in real time.
Each acquisition unit can manage more than 300 quantities, whereas the supervising unit has almost no limit.  The system characteristics are defined in accordance with the customer’s specific demands, thus the below mentioned features are just an example of a possible configuration.