Data acquisition system model View DL

The system consists in a 3 unit standard rack equipped with 16 acquisition boards each one providing 8 generic channels for voltage acquisition. Each board is also equipped with a temperature sensor for automatic compensation of thermocouples and a voltage reference allowing the self-test of the entire acquisition chain during operation.


The supplied control software also provides for the automatic adjustment of offset and gain settings for the different amplification stages of each channel. This unique feature drastically reduces the timeĀ  needed for system recalibration and verification as compared to traditional acquisition boards. Additional offset and gain values can also be parametrized by the user to convert the input signals in engineering quantities in conformity with the various industrial standards.The modular architecture, the high flexibility as regards interface to most diffuse measuring signal standards, the good acquisition rate make, in our opinion, the View DL Multichannel system suitable for the most different applications and particularly in monitoring and/or inspection systems.
As to expandability, the system capability is far-reaching, since a single station can easily exceed 2000 acquisition channels.


Originating from the former DL series, the DL2001 system is conceived for lab data acquisition and is based on the Windows platform: in this case the system has been applied to a climatic chamber used for temperature and power consumption measurement.