Automatic test equipment

For over thirty years, TND Elettronica has been designing and manufacturing automatic product testing and stress test equipment based on customer specifications. The proposed solutions often integrate the most varied and advanced technologies to solve complex testing problems, for example in the case of products with testing specifications that involve the combined execution of electrical, mechanical, functional and aesthetic tests. Our testing equipment is intended for use on the production line and can be interfaced with company information systems in an Industry 4.0 perspective.

Some of the equipment made for important industries in the electromechanical and automotive sectors:


The machine carries out the mechanical endurance test for circuit-breakers type NS-C2, PROXIMA (C4) and NATHALIE produced by Schneider Electric. The test bench allows testing up to 8 switches at a time, thus functioning as 8 independent stations singularly parameterizable via PC.

The machine can test both traditional lever switches and electronic switches with remote control


The machine allows performing function tests on three-pole and four-pole circuit switches of size 1600A and 2500A (2 overlapping modules).

The machine checks the presence of the components, of the poles filter, of the grounding cover labels, performs the dielectric strength test between the poles, the correct opening and closing of the circuit-breaker with control of the relative maximum actuating torque, of the closing angle and pole continuity. The test cycle also includes checking the actual correspondence between size and number of poles with respect to the model selected for the test sequence.

All the tests can be parameterized and the system is also equipped with a self-diagnosis checking the status of the devices involved in the test, using suitable mockups.



The machine tests clutch mechanisms, performing hysteresis cycles of the spring and measuring the rise of the plate. The machine is equipped with user-friendly management software, which allows parameterization of all test values ​​by the user. At the end of the test, the system displays the graph of the acquired curves and issues a test certificate of the piece (if previously set).

On request, the machine can be equipped with a diaphragm spring control system in order to process the obtained profile and to measure the flatness of the splines.

These are just a few examples of the systems we produce: TND Elettronica, in fact, is able to develop and to produce fully customized automatic and semiautomatic machines in response to the most various testing requirements and productive fields.

Always by your side for every testing need!