Product handling systems



Thanks to our problem solving vocation, we have expanded  our product range to include systems and equipment for various product handling and storage needs based on the customer’s demands: from packaging systems for the large household appliance industry to machines for small packaging, from semi-automatic reel unloading systems to electronic card buffering systems, from peeling and product labeling or anti-fraud applicators to BGA memory manipulators and to the cap automatic screwdrivers.

We are able to design complete systems or integrate commercial systems to fully meet your handling and packaging needs.

Automatic refrigerators packaging line management screen – Merloni Elettrodomestici
BGA memories manipulator robot
Prototype of semiautomatic trolley for loading and unloading copper reels for stranding machines
Detail of packaging system for boxes with single-dose dental paste
Packing area interlocking system
Screwing system for battery caps for motor vehicles
Pallet transfer line for testing, marking and packaging line