Leak tester



The range of TND test instruments includes a consolidated series of leak test instruments, the AUTOCHECK SPM15, developed for the automotive sector.

The instrument is widely used in the testing of silencers and catalysts for cars and trucks.

The series includes three types of products:

  • SPM15-D50 Double Test instrument (Test 1 lt F.S. and 50 lt. F.S.)
  • SPM15-S01 Single test instrument (Test 1 lt F.S.)
  • SPM15-S50 Single test instrument (Test 50 lt F.S.)

The SPM15 instruments are designed for the testing of silencers and catalytic converters in terms of tightness.

The control CPU, in addition to guaranteeing excellent results in terms of measurement accuracy, allows simple and immediate user interface management.

The graphic display shows the current test configuration data and the final result.

All instruments are equipped with a precise programmable pressure generator designed to always guarantee optimal test pressure regulation.

The instruments can be controlled and configured locally through the front push-button panel or remotely using decoupled digital I / O or an RS485 data connection (or both).

The tool is designed with the aim of improving the objectivity and traceability of production tests, minimizing the operator’s intervention and maneuvers and minimizing the possibility of errors and malfunctions.

On the rear side of the instrument there are are the air connections, a pressure regulator and interface connections to the instrument.

By connecting to the RS485 data port, it is also possible in addition to configuring the test parameters, also to display, store and recall the curves of each individual test through the sw SPM07_Studio, also allowing to control the device remotely for possible assistance.



The new self-check option automatically performs a complete check-up of the instrumentation , verifying the correct operation of the entire measuring circuit with the aid of sample nozzles with quick and simple insertion system  (supplied separately)..

Depending on requirements, it is possible to set the self-test cycle to start only at power-up or even after a number of tests set by the user.


At the end of the self-test cycle, in the event of a positive result, the instrument automatically disables the self-test circuit and enables the test one, allowing the start of production tests without interruption

The self-test  can be performed separately for tests on front terminals or on rear terminals and can be parameterized by the user.

The test results are saved in an internal memory and can be transferred to a USB memory by simply connecting it to the appropriate socket on the instrumentfront.



The UG sample nozzle is supplied in 3 versions with a specially designed quick-fit coupling to be connected to the appropriate outputs of the SPM Autocheck instrument and it’s necessary to perform  the self-test cycle. All models will be accompanied by the relative calibration report with Cofrac traceability.

The available models are:

  • UG-1 sample nozzle value 0.235 l / min ± 25% @ 350 mbar
  • UG-2 sample nozzle value 17 l / min ± 25% @ 350 mbar
  • UG-3 sample nozzle value 0.65 l / min ± 25% @ 350 mbar



SPM15-S01 SPM15-S50 SPM15-D50
Tensione di alimentazione elettrica:

Operating voltage

230 VAC   50 Hz 230 VAC   50 Hz 230 VAC   50 Hz
Potenza max:

Max power

50W 50W 50W
Pressione di test (parametrizzabile):

Test pressure (programmable)

50 mBar a 990 mBar 50 mBar a 990 mBar 50 mBar a 990 mBar


1 mBar 1 mBar 1 mBar


±(1mBar+1dgt) ±(1mBar+1dgt) ±(1mBar+1dgt)
Misura del flusso

Flow measurement

Fondo scala misurabile

Measurable full-scale

0.99Nl/min 50Nl/min 0.99Nl/min, 50Nl/min


0.01Nl/min 0.1Nl/min 0.01Nl/min, 0.1Nl/min


±(0.02Nl/min+1dgt) ±(1Nl/min+1dgt) ±(0.02Nl/min+1dgt), ±(1Nl/min+1dgt)
Interfaccia I/O

I/O Interface

4DI, 4DO 4DI, 4DO 4DI, 4DO
Interfaccia dati

Data Interface

RS485 RS485 RS485
Temperatura di esercizio:

Operating temperature

+10°C ÷ +40°C +10°C ÷ +40°C +10°C ÷ +40°C
Dimensioni d’ingombro:


430 x 410 x 150mm 430 x 410 x 150mm 430 x 410 x 150mm
Peso approssimativo:

Approx. weight

15 kg 15 kg 15 kg




Perdita campione Autocheck 1)

Autocheck Sample Leak

Espansione Input 2) 4)

I/O Expander







Ricette  2) 3)


32 32 32
Interfaccia dati 2) 3)

Data Interface

Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet
  • Pedite/leacks: 0,24 NL/min, 13 NL/min, 7 cm3/min
  • Solo in abbinamento con autocheck / Only with Autocheck option
  • Comprenso nell’opzione Espansione Input / Included in I/O Expander Option
  • Connettore posteriore DB25