TND Elettronica


Passion and innovation

TND Elettronica was born almost as a game in the late 70s from the passion of its founding partner, Enrico Capone, for cutting-edge technologies and experimentation. His collaboration with his brother Erminio, professor of mechanics applied to machinery at the University of Naples, in the field of industrial research as an expert in process and electronics instrumentation, as well as the increasingly numerous requests for solutions to problems of measure and process by industrial customers, pushed him to turn his amateur passion into an entrepreneurial reality.

Precursors of Industry 4.0

In the 80s, following the strong demand for solutions in the field of product safety verification, TND created the first machine to perform electrical safety tests on products, totally automatic and computerized, able to dialogue with other equipment like the modern machinery of Industry 4.0. A revolution that becomes a flagship product and opens the way to applications in the field of testing and industrial computing.

Since then, our systems have been designed and developed integrating the most innovative technologies to best exploit their potential and guarantee quality products and reliability.

Problems are our daily bread

Our vocation is condensed in an expression coined by the Capone spouses to comically define our activity: specialists in   ROUGH-OTICS– technology applied to rough issues.

Using a modern expression, we are problem-solving specialists. For  40 years we have been developing “custom” applications to solve the most varied production needs: testing equipment and instrumentation on finished products, stress test machines, leak test machines, functional testing machines (switches, transformers, clutch mechanisms, refrigerators, etc), simple and complex vision systems, automatic and manual dosing systems for high-viscosity ‘difficult’ products (composites, bi-components), applications in the biomedical field.

Not suppliers, but partners

In every phase of the project we support our customers to identify together the most suitable solutions to meet their needs. Our collaborative approach allows us to offer our customers truly tailored solutions, from the application for small productions to the complex systems developed for large industrial groups

A family and people company

TND Elettronica was born as a “family” company: Enrico Capone and his wife Virginia, with passion and tenacity, transformed a pioneering idea into a solid and structured company. The entry of the sons Armando and Aldo has further enriched the wealth of skills in the field of IT, projecting the company into the new millennium and, more recently, modifying its structure in a lean manufacturing way.

We are a “people-based” company – we consider human qualities as professional skills, that’s the reason  why we have placed our true wealth at the center of our business project: our employees.

Continuous training combined with a horizontal structure, without summits, and the incentive to teamwork allows us to fully exploit our human heritage.

Our collaborators have always been part of our success and our history – a forty year lasting history.